reykjavik district   is a men’s fashion design studio creating  very own fashion label. Our concept is based on unique although well recognizable Scandinavian design. The brand targets simple design yet puts emphasis on details.

Visiting   reykjavik district   you may be fitted with hand crafted clothing that holds true classic Scandinavian style yet remain well suited to contemporary lifestyle.

Our place is multibranded – apart from our own ‘reykjavik district’ collections we offer a few well selected Italian brands.

Our development studio and sewing manufacture in Warsaw Szczęśliwice district takes care of sample designs and  production of our collections. That’s why we care so much about details. We work with our own patterns and are able to offer made to measure services.

Fabrics are of great importance to us - our suppliers come entirely from Italy.

Our core product is men’s jacket. We offer formal suits, coats, waistcoats, trousers, suits, shirts, blouses, sweaters, t-shirts, accessories and shoes.

reykjavik district   products are made in very limited edition runs so anything you choose you can feel exceptional. This is another reason to justify surprisingly increasing variety of our products.

We do both innovative and stylish menswear for those who would like to be in a forefront of winds of fashion and classic cuts slightly enriched with a few perfect details so that everybody can express his own sense of style.

Special service for the most demanding customers includes individual dream jacket design and free choice of available fabrics , linings and accessories.

We take more and more orders for wedding suits. We offer wide selection from classic to extravaganza style.