reykjavik district   is a brand established in Poland but originating in Iceland. It was created in 2011 in Warsaw by Polish-Icelandic couple Ania & Olly.  Olly worked for many years with design and fashion in Scandinavia and once he teamed up with business oriented Ania they started together to create , what they believe, new style in men’s fashion.

reykjavik district  pretends to be a place, concept, offering apart from their own designs, well suited accessories and limited selection of Italian brands.

reykjavik district   prefers out of the box solutions hence industrial look of their boutiques. First one opened in Warsaw’s Solec area in a formed printing house, in a community of music club, restaurants, workshops and other boutiques known as club 1500 m2. When this place has been taken for revitalization and redevelopment they moved to new  premises , the former car repair workshop at Burakowska str 15 ( place called B15).

During 2012 they opened their own development studio and sewing manufacture in Warsaw district of Szczęśliwice.

reykjavik district   designs are not limited to Warsaw. Their products are already available in Berlin and they are targeting further European cities.